Congratulations on this step – buying a house can be stressful, but the payoff is worth it!

Review this information to better prepare yourself for closing.

Prior to closing:

  • Escrow Funds Escrow deposits are spelled out in your contract. Our firm takes personal checks, cash, wire transfers, and credit cards for this money, however, your lender may specify a payment method. Be sure to check with them first. Funds can be mailed, wired in, or dropped off at our office between 8:30 AM- 5:00 PM, however, we do close for lunch between 12-1PM.

  • Surveys If your lender is requiring a survey, please be sure that it has been ordered. Your real estate agent should handle this if you have one, but our office DOES NOT order surveys.

  • Utilities and Other Services Be sure to allocate time and money for setting up the accounts for your new water, garbage, electricity, and internet services. Links to our local providers can be found on the resources page.

  • Homeowners Associations If the property you are purchasing has a homeowners association, get in contact with them as early as possible. Often times, you must be approved in order to purchase the home.

Day of closing:

  • Closing Funds Closing funds MUST be wired to our account. We cannot accept personal checks or cashier’s checks, as the rate of fraud with these kinds of transactions is very high.

  • Identification If you are using a lender, they typically require that you bring 2 forms of photo identification to closing. We suggest valid: drivers licenses, passports, concealed weapons permits, or a military ID. If these are not possible, please consult with your lender to find out what they may deem acceptable.

  • Time to Close If there is a mortgage involved in your transaction, be prepared to spend about an hour signing documents. Your closer will explain anything that you have a question about, and if you are not sure, please ask!

  • Funding Even if all has been completed – closing funds have arrived in our trust account and the documents have been signed by the buyer and seller – the deal may not be officially closed yet. Some lenders require additional approval to disburse, and that may mean a few more minutes or four hours. Your loan officer may be able to provide more insight into how this requirement may affect your specific closing.

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